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Discus fish are one of the most popular fresh water aquarium fish. But, if you are thinking of buying discus fish, you need to keep certain factors in mind. Knowing what are the different types discus fish for sale and what special care each individual type requires, might help you solve a lot of your concern. It is also important to understand the environment, in which they should be kept, and what other fishes are suitable companies for them in the aquarium. A good guide to caring for discus fish is “Discus Fish Secrets” which contains everything you need to know and recommended.

Discus fish originates in South America and precisely in the Amazon River basin. The name ‘discus’ is derived from their shapes. They have a disk like body and an overall round appearance. They are very popular as pets because these fish can be readily availed from any reputable retailer. And keeping them together in the aquarium can provide a very colorful effect.

If you are thinking of buying discus fish, you might think of buying five or six individual fish at once. This is because these fishes stay together in a school in their natural habitat, and can comfortably stay with the other members of their species in your aquarium. You also need to maintain a specific temperature in the aquarium which could range from twenty five to thirty degree Celsius.

The discus fish are naturally shy and demure and therefore should not be kept with more aggressive fish. Otherwise, they might hide from those fishes and might remain without proper food for days. Red white cloud tetra, ram cichlids and bushy nose plecos are some of the varieties that can be kept as suitable mates.

The discus fish are easy to breed in the captivity as they have a highly developed reproductive mechanism. The larvae survive on the secretion, which comes out of the skin of the parent discus fishes, and stays quite healthy. Therefore, they are usually found in abundance and are good options for amateur hobbyists and new aquarium owners.

There are many varieties of discus fish for sale. The Brown, Green and the Blue discus fish are very good to look at and can also be maintained quite easily. They normally do not grow more than six inches, and thus can be accommodated in a small aquarium. But the Heckle Discus can prove to be a slightly more problematic acquisition. They can grow bigger than the other varieties and are susceptible to a lot of infection and diseases.

Discus fish survive in acidic waters in their natural environment and so you need to be careful about the pH level of the aquarium. You can also clutter your aquarium a little bit. The presence of a lot of rocks and sheltering elements can give these naturally shy and docile fish the much needed comfort.

You can also think of buying the discus fish directly from the breeders. Many of the breeders specialize on discus and breed them in a condition where they are not brought in contact with the other varieties. As a result of this, the chances of them getting infected from external sources are minimized to a great extent.

Discus fish are great as aquarium pets. They are beautiful and peaceful creatures, and keeping them as pets can be a highly satisfying experience.

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