Freshwater Fish

If you are a pet enthusiast and you are particularly keen on fish then you may have already noticed different types of fresh water fish in your local pet stores. If you are looking to buy fresh water fish then you have the choice of hundreds of different freshwater fish for sale.

Fresh water fish are available in different sizes, shapes and attractive colors. Before you make your choice you need to learn the different types of fish and how to maintain them. Though there are a variety of fish to choose from there are several species that do not thrive well in home tanks.

Setting Up A Freshwater Aquarium for Beginners

Some people may say these types of fish may disappoint enthusiasts. For example, gold fish have been a popular choice for many years however this species is known for a lot of waste and this leads to dirt in the tank. Another fact about gold fish is that they grow relatively large in size and may not be able to thrive in a small confinement. Keeping freshwater fish is an art and we recommend this freshwater fish guide for beginners.

Freshwater Fish Species

fresh water fish

If you are setting up an aquarium in your home for the first time then you may not want to invest in mollies. These fish are very sensitive to water conditions and this may be the cause for most of them not surviving.

A lot of fish enthusiasts opt to keep cat fish in their tanks however this fish should not be kept in domestic conditions as they can grow up to 15 feet. Domestic conditions are not favorable for these fish to survive and hence they cannot be kept in a domestic setup.

Sharks are another species of fresh water fish that are not suitable for household aquariums as they can get fierce and cause harm to other species of marine life that may be in the same tank.

While not all fresh water fish for sale may survive well there are certain species that will live for long periods in captivity.

Neon Tetras form a school of 6 fish. They have scales that glow and they will breed easily. However the female needs to be isolated from the rest as well as the young ones as they tend to feed on the new born fish.

A relative of the sword fish is known as Platies. The domestic Platies come in a variety of colors and they are easy to breed. They must be kept in a place with a lot of greenery so that they can breed. They thrive in small groups of 3 to 5 fish and they make a beautiful species in the tank.

Though you may be interested in setting up an aquarium at home look out for fresh water fish on sale that will suit the size of your set up as well as the type of water that you will be using in the tank. You can learn about the species of the fish from the person at the store that you purchase the fish from. Alternatively you can also purchase books or read about the fish online.

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