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Koi fish are ornamental domesticated varieties of the Common Carp fish which are a large group of fish found in Central Europe and Asia. Koi for sale are extremely common because of their ease of breeding and handling, and due to their beauty. These fish are also regarded as a symbol for love and friendship and have a number of colors and patterns, which include colors like red, black, white, cream and yellow, with stripes, and other random designs on their bodies, scales and fins.

Carps are known as Koi in Japan and mean affection or love. A number of varieties of these fish already exist and above that, new varieties are still being developed actively by means of hybridization.

A few of the famous koi for sale are the Asagi, Bekko, Kawarimono, Ochiba, Ghost koi and Butterfly koi.

Many a times, people mistake goldfish for koi fish because they are extremely similar to look at because of their resemblances in color and breeding. However, a distinction does exist as koi are bigger than goldfish, and commonly have similar body types unlike goldfish. They also have a great array of color tinges and patterns. They also have distinguished barbels on their lips that are not visible on goldfish. Many say that since these forms of Carps have originated from Japan, they resemble the people there because of these barbels.

Traditional Japanese gardens are renowned for having koi ponds and this is a fast growing trend almost all across the world in famous hotels, parks and gardens. Those who can afford it and devote a fair amount of time to it, also have koi ponds in their backyards, because it helps to increase the beauty of the surroundings while taking care of the fish and feeding them also proves to be a very good leisure time activity. Koi are fish found in cold waters and being omnivorous, they eat different kinds of food ranging from peas and lettuce to even watermelons. Utmost care needs to be taken of these fish and the gardens need to be well protected with overhead nets in case of aerial predators, too. Building a koi pond and maintaining it can be very difficult, a good guide on how to do it is “The Koi Fish Care Guide” which contains everything you need to know about keeping koi fish.

They are very friendly and amiable and thus are often taught to eat from the trainer’s hands as well during feeding time. During winter, they tend to lose their appetite due to the cold climate. With the advent of spring and the water turning warm, they begin eating properly again.

They reproduce through spawning like most other kinds of fish, but taking care of their offspring and providing it with nourishment can prove to be quite a tedious and tricky job and thus can only be taken care of by professionals who are trained on how to handle them. The fry that are born usually have varied colors and patterns and there are about a thousand of them produced from a single spawn.

Koi for sale thus are becoming a fast growing, popular and fairly easy style and way of fish breeding in many countries of the world.

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