Saltwater Fish

If you are an amateur hobbyist and are looking to create a good aquarium of saltwater fishes, it will help if you know the different types available.

There are different types of saltwater fish for sale, but some of them may suit your aquarium environment better than the others. Some of them also require more maintenance than the other types. For a complete could to maintaining a saltwater aquarium and the requirements of saltwater fish, we recommend reading this saltwater fish guide.

Here is a guide that can help you make an informed decision about the salt water fish that you want to buy for your aquarium.

Top 5 Saltwater Fish for Aquariums

1. Clownfish

Clownfish is one of the most common types of salt water fish and is very suitable for any kind of aquarium environment. They do not require specialized care or high maintenance. There are subspecies within this category, as for example maroon clownfish and tomato clownfish. They are beautiful creatures and hassle free pets, and highly recommended for new aquarium owners.

2. Angel Fish

While proper sized angel fish are not quite suitable for home aquariums, the dwarf angel fishes are very good options. You need to create a snug aquarium environment for them. Some of the recommended subspecies include the lemonpeel angelfish or coral beauty angel fish. However, some of the ageing angel fish might get aggressive and so you need to be careful about that.

3. Gobies

These beautiful and rather frail looking fish are good as aquarium pets, but their shyness can be a problematic issue. Goby is one of the most common saltwater fish for sale. But you should not keep them along with more violent varieties. They are known for their eclectic colors and their tendency to jump out of tanks with open lids. Some of the most popular types of gobies include mandarin, clown and catalina varieties.

4. Basslets

These fish are found in both Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The Royal Gramma and the colorfully patterned rainbow varieties are more popular with the home aquarium owners. There are other Pacific Ocean types, but all of them are characterized by their endurance, which make them very suitable pets. Basslets are capable of adding bright, summer colors to your aquarium and are perfect for aquariums that lack color diversity.

5. Tangs

Tangs are very sensitive varieties of salt water fish, so they are a bit high maintenance for new aquarium owners. However, if you can provide them with proper care, they can enhance the beauty of your aquarium with their unique looks. They mainly eat algae and one of the easiest varieties to maintain is the yellow tang fish.

There are many other varieties of salt water fish for sale. The more common types include damsel and blennies. However, a new aquarium owner needs to be a little careful of the aggressive types because they can harm the other varieties of salt water fish in your aquarium. So, you need to avoid certain kinds of triggerfish, groupers, and damsels, or buy them after consulting an expert.

There are other salt water fishes like butterfly fish and Moorish Idol. These fishes are very beautiful creatures in themselves, but they require highly specialized care. So, they are good pets only for more experienced aquarium owners. The Moorish Idol particularly is a more exotic variety, and is an imported version of salt water fish. So, they are better options for people with a definite idea about aquariums and fish care routines.

So, there are many types of salt water fish available in the market. And this guide can help you to find the suitable varieties for your new aquarium.

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