Seahorses thrive in shallow temperate and tropical water. There are over 80 species of sea horses in the world today. These sea horses prefer to live in areas that offer them natural protection like coral reefs and mangroves.

Sea horses are also a household pet and a lot of families have aquariums at home that have a school of sea horse in them. If you are want to add these pets to your tank you must look for sign boards to find sea horses for sale in your area. Before you bring home your new pets there are a few things that you should be aware of in order to keep your pets healthy and well protected.

Earlier all species of sea horses were known to be monogamous however recent research has proved this wrong. Sea horses are known to have a specific breeding season. The courtship between two sea horses lasts for a few days. During this period the other sea horses try to interfere in the courtship. The ‘courtship dance’ lasts for approximately 8 hours. This ends in the female depositing her eggs into the males pouch. This is one of the rare species on this planet where the male fertilizes the eggs of the female. The pregnancy lasts for 2 to 4 weeks.

The female deposits thousands of eggs into the males pouch. Of these only 100 to 200 fertilize. In the smaller species only 5 to 10 eggs may fertilize while the larger species have close to 1500 fertilized eggs. The percent of sea horses that survive till adulthood is very small however their survival rate is fairly better compared to other species of fish.

One would be surprised to know that sea horses live and breed better in captivity than when they live in the wild. This is because in the wild they are constantly struggling to survive from predators.

You would be surprised by the popularity of these marine pets. The fact that they look gorgeous added to the fact that they have the ability to change colors to hide themselves makes them attractive and popular. You can buy food for your marine beauties from any pet store. Brine is the most popular food offered to these animals. Giant species feed on grass shrimp, mosquito larvae, blood worms and smaller fish like guppies and mollies.
Sea horses need to be fed several times a day in order to keep them healthy; this feature makes them a high maintenance pet.

Like most marine animals sea horses too are prone to a variety of diseases and ailments. Proper maintenance and food will help to prevent harming them. One of the most common ailments of these marine animals is gas. Gas pockets form under their skin or on the head. Both conditions are serious. The cure for this condition is very easy and you can do it yourself at home. A needle needs to be inserted into the area to expel the gas; take care not to prick the animal though.

Do not make an impulse purchase even if you find them very attractive. Read about these animals and choose to buy them only if you can invest time into maintaining these beauties of the ocean.

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