Tropical Fish

There are many types of tropical fish for sale, but each species requires a special care regimen. There are certain pros and cons about keeping tropical fish in your aquarium. They are beautiful pets and can enliven your room. But you need to be careful about the heating conditions, the water temperature, food supply and such factors which are of paramount importance in keeping fish healthy and active. To keep tropical fish health, we recommend reading this tropical fish guide.

However, tropical fish are great as aquarium pets. This is because they come in many varieties and often are very colorful. Keeping tropical fish in the aquarium can provide a soothing effect for the onlooker. But, they are living creatures and need proper care for survival.

An Overview of Tropical Fish Species

Amongst the many tropical fish for sale, few varieties are more popular than the others. One of the most popular types are oscars. They operate together in a group, and so depending upon the size of your aquarium, you can buy few of them at once. The tetras are also very popular tropical fish and the most common varieties are neon tetras and cardinal tetras. They are quite hardy fish and therefore can be kept as pets without any hassle.

The fancy guppies, african cichlids, butterfly loach, danios and the fresh water angel fish are some of the other popular tropical fish which are bought for keeping in home aquarium. The barbs including the tiger barbs and rosy barbs are also widely kept as pets. The rasboras and the cyprinids like the albino red fin shark and the bala sharks are also quite common and popular aquarium pets. The gouramis and the cat fish are also good acquisitions for your aquarium.

But, you need to be careful about the more aggressive varieties and should not keep them with other fish. They can harm the smaller fish and can also eat them up. One of the varieties that you need to be cautious about is black knife fish. They are good as pets but they have a tendency of eating up other smaller fish in your aquarium.

Setting Up An Aquarium for Tropical Fish

There are few things that you need to keep in mind for the aquarium set up of  tropical fish. Providing for the heating arrangement is a must as tropical fish survive in warm water. The heater should be kept at the place where the water keeps on circulating, so that the warm water spreads through out the tank. The capacity of your heater will depend upon the size of your aquarium.

You also need to have a thermometer, which will enable you to find out the exact temperature of the water. You also need to make the provision of regular filtering of water and have to buy a water filter for this purpose. Your tropical fish aquarium should not become dirty or full of algae as these things do not look good and are also harmful for the fish.

Keeping an aquarium of tropical fish is not a very difficult task. Watching these colorful and beautiful fish can provide the owner with immense satisfaction and pleasure. The initial investment can be a little steep, but the subsequent maintenance cost is quite low. So, if you are thinking of buying a tropical fish aquarium, this can be a very fruitful investment.

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